At Admagination, we have been creating award winning commercial jingles for clients using broadcast medium as a major tool in their marketing and product / service branding.  We put "science to the subjectivity"® of music and singing when it comes to helping your product and / or service become a household name in your market, whether it's local, regional or national.
The goal of all our custom packages is to:
  • Use nmenomics to increase the remember-ability of your name and slogan
  • Link your TV, radio, print and online marketing with the same message
  • Brand your product and / or service as a household name (example: pass me a "Klennex" as opposed to a "tissue" or "Q-Tip" as opposed to a "cotton swab")
  • Create music that is always fresh and demographically targeted, our vocals are crystal clear with every word being understood and our packages are complete with everything you need to launch a successful advertising campaign
This is just a small example of the over 700 custom jingle packages we have created for clients just like you!  We are not writing our next hit song, or our favorite style...or your favorite style or song.  We know what works when it comes to broadcast advertising and approach every package that creates the best tool for your needs and we do this until you're completely satisfied
Remember: "If you want to be heard...say it!  If you want to be remembered...sing it!"
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An audio branding and image package (jingle) has two main functions:
  1. Extend the "remember-ability" of your product or service past the 30 or 60 seconds of air time you purchased
  2. To position your company as the ultimate choice for providing solutions for your customers

We are not writing your next favorite song.  We're not just filling in time while we work on our album.  We love the advertising business and audio for broadcasting productions because they help you!




  1. Pennisula Plumbing Heating and Air
  2. Mark Johnson Plumbing
  3. Air Quality Services
  4. Cloverdale Plumbing (includes VO donut from 30-50 seconds)
  5. JD Vigil Heating and Air
  6. Mitchell Electric


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Women make 89% of the banking decisions for their families.
Studies show that women influence up to 80% of household buying decisions worldwide but 73% of them report being unsatisfied with their banking services. What do you think are the main reasons?
First and foremost, women are unsatisfied because the companies “are built on masculine norms” and one-size-fits-all format. Developing products and services relying on male traits and values do not resonate with female consumers.

Banking and Financial Services Medley of 5 Demos by Admagination

  • The Bank of Commerce / "Feels like home"
  • First Horizon Home Loans / "Experience and trust...that's why they can't help talking about us"
  • Community Bank / "Local money working for local people"
  • Venture Bank / "Independant as you" (male and female lead vocals)
  • Elko Federal Credit Union / "The one for all your needs"
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History of the Jingle: "Have You Tried Wheaties?" Everything has a beginning...a first.  Why should jingles or "selling a product using music and lyrics" be any different?

"If it wasn't for a radio jingle sung on Christmas Eve in 1926 by a barbershop quartet in Minneapolis, Wheaties cereal would have been long forgotten by now. ... Initially known as “Washburn's Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes,” the name was dropped a year later for Wheaties."

The Wheaties advertisement, with its lyrical hooks, was seen by its owners as extremely successful. According to one account, General Mills had seriously planned to end production of Wheaties in 1929 on the basis of poor sales.


Soon after the song "Have you tried Wheaties?" aired in Minnesota, however, of the 53,000 cases of Wheaties breakfast cereal sold, 40,000 were sold in the Twin Cities market. After advertising manager Samuel Chester Gale pointed out that this was the only location where "Have You Tried Wheaties?" was being aired at the time, the success of the jingle was accepted by the company.


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Glossary:  Terms you should be familiar with as we work with you and your media partner in creating your advertising package


Hook Slogan you use for your company (we can use your existing one or write a brand new one)
Copy The script that is spoken during the non-singing sections of your jingle
VO / Voiceover The section of the jingle where there is only music for the talent to read the copy
Sing In The singing section at the top of the jingle (typically 7-10 seconds)
Sing Out The singing section at the end of the jingle
Donut The area of the jingle where there is no singing.  The music bed where the VO goes
30 30 second jingle
60 60 second jingle
Edits Different versions of the same jingle with different sections (ex: Music in / Sing out, Sing in / Music out)
Testimonial Actual customers telling there satisfaction story in place of the copy
On-Hold An extended track (typically 3-4 minutes) with voiceovers mentioning products and / or services you offer that many customers might not know you have.  Most phone systems input a digital file from a thumbdrive.  Some use a CD