Station Identification Packages are one of the coolest forms of on-air audio you can produce...IMHO!  Something about providing the station AND their listeners with ear candy dozen of times an!

Station ID packages are a very important part of a station creating a lasting identity and branding in the market they service.  A typical package will contain dozens of tracks from generic ID sing like "The Valleys Hottest Hits...99.9" (continuing to use the "Valley" example) "Valley weather", "99.9 playing the top hits that rock this Valley" and on.

Typical elements will include:
  • Several different versions of the main ID
  • 5-7 second TRT
  • Weather, Sports, News, Events
  • A long extended music segment
  • Morning shows
  • Morning teams
  • Vocal with music and vocal alone (a capella) 

...and nothing says you can't have fun!  KLVN / Loser Radio Format Changing (Created for the Northwest Emmy's Awards Show / Radio Division)

Broadcast factoid:

The reason eastern U.S. radio and TV stations call letters begin with "W" and western U.S. radio and TV stations start with "K"...

When radio first started, it was mainly designed to communicate with ships at sea.  If a ship heard "WXYZ, then they new they were getting information for their locale.