Below are the basic packages we offer.  All our commercial jingle packages are buyouts.  You pay for the package and you own it.  No limitations on the number of times you play it or how long you use the package.  If you are expanding into other markets, there is a one time additional market charge of $500.  Customization is billed by the hour (see below) as well as any additional non-staff talent.  

Name Description Price
The Basic Package Description:  A professional written and recorded music bed that has been matched to the format of top stations in your area that have the top audience share of your demographics.  Your package will be sung by one of our staff vocalists and will include background vocals as needed.  The complete package will have a :15, :30 and :60 version as well as a music only version for both radio and television use. $1695
The Choice Package Description: The same as the Basic Package except you will receive 3 different style demos (music and vocals) from which you can chose 1 for your jingle package.  All three demos will be created to work well with the formats of the radio stations in your market that have the top audience share of your demographics.  Once you chose one of the three demos, we will finish your package using our top staff vocalists.  The complete package will also include a :04-:06 second “branding bumper” that can be used to tag a skit type commercial. $1995
The Premium Package Description: This package is the industry standard for top custom jingle packages.  We will custom write a music image piece in any style you chose along with demographic research and radio station formatting.  The main :60 second track will include a full sing section (typically :20 seconds) where write lyrics that help to describe in more depth exactly you service, your mission statement and other items you have made a part of your business model.  Along with the standard length tracks and the branding bumper, we also include an on-hold version with generic on-hold voiceovers. $2495












Studio rates: $100 per hour includes all equipment and engineer

Design rates: Logo, graphics and website development: $50 per hour