• Topic: Exploring Non-Traditional Revenue Streams (Funding Sources) for the Independant Songwriter
  • Format: 45-60 Minute Instructor w/Media Optimized PowerPoint Presentation w/Handouts and Q&A.  Ideally a 60-90 minute time slot is desired.
  • Tech Rider: Tom will use his laptop and requires either a VGA and audio input or HDMI.  PP is 16:9  (Please contact Tom at: 208-286-7664 if you prefer him to bring the presentation on a thumbdrive and use in house A/V)


Songwriters typically look at their creativity and product as either a performance presentation or an album "deal" as the main source of revenue.  The album 'deal" can either be an independent release or signed with a label.  The most common channels to gain income from is sites like iTunes, Soundcloud, CD Baby, Amazon, et al where your deliverable can either be virtual or in-hand product.  Perform your songs to build a fan base, sell your CD's at the gig (which almost NEVER pays for the COGS) gain local, regional or national recognition does offer tranche revenue streams, but profit margins are low and securing a record deal with advance funds is slow and can be loaded with perils. 

Non-Traditional Revenue Streams:

The definition of this topics "Non-Traditional Revenue Streams" are "Fee Based Songwriting" aka "Commissioned Songs".  The clients included, but are not limited to:

  • Festivals & Events
  • Product Release Events
  • Corporate Branding & Image Development
  • Non-Profits
  • Motivational Shows
  • Sporting Segments (Half-time, honors, et al)
  • Lifetime Achievements and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies

The common thread amongst all these target demo's is to motivate their base, elevate the energy of product release or shareholders conference, brand the event in the market, open some type of show...and the additional benefit, the song(s) can be edited and used in broadcast marketing channels, webpage auto-play, and here's the BIG ONE: Securing Sponsorship!

Range of Fee's and Commission's: $5,000-$25,000 (and beyond when combined with add-ons)

Lecture Syllabus:

  • Introduction to the Market.
  • Examples of songs and their usage (featuring Admagination's current and past projects)
  • The study of song structure including: song form, hook development & placement, production options. How many iterations should you expect.
  • How to package your product and service for presentation.
  • Add-ons and service enhancements (higher fee's and deeper networking)
  • Client follow-up.
  • Handouts that include: Lecture bullet points and a list of who to go to build a client base (these handouts will be provided by Tom and will be handed out at the beginning so the attendees can make notes)
  • A brief look at the performance rights, sync rights, IP and future use will be presented

Here is the pitch deck version in video format of the lecture.  There is no narration on this version but plenty of audio / video demos

About the Instructor:

Bio: Tom is a former Full Time Faculty Member at Berklee and an Adjunct Faculty at UNLV.  He was a team member and developer at the start of the Songwriting Department in 1985 along with Pat Pattison, Jon Aldrich, Mike Idhe, Ted Pease and others.  He has written, arranged and performed for many Las Vegas shows, artists and studios across North America. He and his partner Nancy Roché (award winning vocalist and songwriter) own and run a top Northwest audio-for-broadcasting production studio with over 700 image packages in 49 markets with an estimated 303,000 air plays in 2015.  He beta tests DAW & VST software for Cakewalk, SAW and WAVES Bundle.

Tom will focus on what defines the market.  He will provide several examples (audio and video) of work his company has produced for: Tournament of Roses Directors Dinner, National Finals Rodeo / Las Vegas, Music For All (formally Bands of America) The Boise Millennium Celebration, Komen Race For The Cure National Celebration & Race, President George W. Bush Inaugural Gala, SeaFair (Seattle) Zambelli Internationale Fireworks, 2 NCAA Half-Time Shows, World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, Elevate Your Life Airshow (Greg Poe) Award winning children’s show: “How Cowboy Ernie Finds His Yodel”.


Company Website: www.admaginationstudios.com

Tom's email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct Phone: 208-286-7664

Please direct any questions or booking requests to: Nancy Roché at 208-340-1351