Medley 1: A collection of just a few of our 100's of custom packages

Medley 2: More highlighted packages from our inventory

Medley 3: Station ID packages are dozens of short 3-7 second productions that usually contain: Call letters, branding (107.9 Hot Hits) weather intros, sports, morning shows et al.

Here at Admagination, we have taken the road somewhat less traveled and focus on custom packages, built from the ground up for our clients.  Another jingle company business model is to create dozens of "needle drop" tracks with generic hooks "hometown pride working for you..." as well as many others so you can go out and sell them to a client.

This way all the company has to do is to add the client name to the sing out and deliver it.  We love the biz so much, we love the creative moment when we can compose lyric and music for a package. Eventually, we have hundreds of packages that could be used for needle drop "dog and pony" sales meetings.