"This Is Rodeo"

Written for the Grand Opening, National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas.  Written by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roché.  Performed by Coy Hibbard.  Programmed and arranged by Tom Frazee at Admagination Studios

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Rock of America

Commissioned for use by the RNC at several events leading up to the 2004 Presidential Nomination and eventually the Election Gala of George W. Bush.  "Rock of America" became the 3rd most downloaded song on MusicMatch in the weeks that followed 9/11.

Written by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roche'.  Programmed and recorded at Admagination Studios.  Video edited by Tom Frazee.  Stock footage from StoryBlocks

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Written by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roche', this was one of many songs we brought to the LASS "pitch-a-thon" sessions.  Eventually it was picked up by Whitney Houstin's label Arista / BMG

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"My Beautiful Star"

Inspired by CHESTER BENNINGTON's last interviews before he took his life . . .Written and Produced by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roché.  Performed by Nancy Roché.  Programmed and Recorded by Tom Frazee.  Recorded at Admagination Studios


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  • Scoring to Video
  • Sound design of EDM stems and loops
  • Both beat based EDM and orchestra scoring
  • Vocal recording and processing using V-Vocal to "flatten the ambients" for a vocoder type sound

Use of a video track in my DAW for scoring and syncing.

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Medley of Custom Jingle Productions

Custom jingle packages for Radio or TV in essence are simply "short songs"  They have all the elements a song would have, but in a shorter time format and much harder to achieve because you need to do so much in so little time.  You need to use ALL the tools to help your client to be "remembered".  It is a very complex art.  In 2014, we had an estimated 303,000 airplays across 59 markets in the US and Canada

Creating an award winning children's show is a blend of songwriting, vision, design, staging and performers.  "How Cowboy Ernie Finds His Yodel" was created by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roché as a featured show on the Meadowgold Dairy Childrens Stage at the Boise River Festival, a regional festival that attracted over 250,000 attendees during the last weekend of June in Boise, Idaho.

The show ran 14 times over a 4-day period and on Saturday (the third day of the Festival) drew record crowds at it's 3pm performance.  Approximately 2000+ attendees saw it during it's premier at the Boise River Festival.  Not only were we responsible for the concept and storyboard, but we wrote all the original music, designed the unique 3 sided revolving stage and developed the technology to have the show be a combination of sync'd playback as well as live performance.

We wrote all the music, recorded and produced the tracks in our studio and storyboarded the entire show with script in 4 days!

Hear the Songs and follow the Developmental Process

"Two Steppin' Two Timer"

Written by Tom Frazee and Nancy Roché.  Performed by Nancy Roché.  Programmed by Tom Frazee, Admagination Studios

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