Admagination's staff combine two major areas of expertise in order to creat award winning freestyle music tracks.  One of us is a top level dressage rider and writer / composer and the other is a highly trained arranger, composer and producer.  This combination is perfect in order to create a custom music piece perfect for your horse.
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The secret is knowing all the great resources for multiple versions of the songs and artists you want.  We know the latest rules and guidelines for musical freestyles.  We know how to compose and blend all the elements to make a seemless track that matches perfectly to you and your horse.
We bring to your production the following skill sets:
  • Top rated digital studio with the software and hardware to create anything
  • Thousands of tracks, samples and even loops to create any style you can think of
  • An editor / producer that holds advance degrees in music composition and arranging
  • A co-producer that adds unique performance AND advance knowledge of all levels of dressage

We don't just cut off a song and start the next.  We can beat match any song to any gait.  Add any element you want.  Perform your track from the ground up.  Blend any track to another by actually composing transitions that "heal" the pieces musically.  

All we need is your ideas of the theme you are considering and a video showing your horses most recent gait at:

  • Trot
  • Walk
  • Canter

We are the best and have the results to prove it.  Contact us for pricing and consulting:  Perfectly match the art of dressage and the art of music


Nadine Schwartsman: "Five Star" Nothwest Dressage Champion Intermediate Level 1. Music: Custom scoring and editing of music from "Good Dinosaur"
Nadine Schwartsman: "Santina" Northwest Champion & National
Champion Level 2: Music: Custom scoring and editing music by "Lady Gaga"
Intermediare I, FiveStar HW, "Good Dinosaur": 
3rd level, Sonrisa, "Beach Boys":
3rd level, Dumbledore, "Harry Potter":