Your success team should have advance knowledge and experience in:

  • Composition / Arranging
  • Technology
  • Dressage
  • Audience Engagement
  • Artist, Styles and Repetiore

Tom and Nancy from Admagination have it all!  Here's a close look at the process as we created the "Lady Gaga Freestyle" for Nadine Schwartsman and "Santina", owned by Liz Smith.

Beat matching, editing and adding the special elements and custom composing to make a completely unique musical freestyle that helped this pair win the USDF 2017 First Level Freestyle Year-end Award with an averaged score of 78%.

Because freestyles are so individually matched for a horses "personality" we first look at music that together, create a common theme or thread.  With rule changes allowing more vocals, the selection of music has opened up.  With professional level software, we can now change the tempo of a song + or - 30% without any "artifacts".  There are a ton of options we can use to make your freestyle "uniquely yours".