Admagination's Award-winning staff combine two major areas of expertise in order to create exquisite freestyle music tracks.  Nancy Roché is a successful dressage rider and composer and Tom Frazee is a highly-trained arranger, composer and producer. - MORE ABOUT US.  Our team works to compose and blend all the elements to make a seemless freestyle piece that matches you and your horse perfectly!
We bring to your production the following skill sets:
     *Top rated digital studio with the software and hardware
     *Thousands of tracks, samples and loops to create any style of music
     *An editor / producer that holds advance degrees in music composition and arranging
Admagination produces each freestyle piece as you would an "overture"- one body of work. We smoothly transition from one song to the next by composing transitions that "heal" the parts musically. We often perform and compose sections from the ground up, giving you the freedom to add any element you want. 

All we need is your ideas of the theme you are considering and a video showing your horses most recent gaits/paces with movements, according to the requirements of the level you are competing at. We are the best and have the results to prove it!  Contact us for pricing and consulting and we will Perfectly match the art of dressage and the art of music for you! 

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