Indianapolis, Indiana.  A fairly typical hotel ballroom with all the standard layouts.  Entertainment: The Purdue University Male Glee club with rhythm section. The transition entertainment:  America's Got Talent Robert Post.  Keynote Speaker: Ric Birch / Olympic opening producer for several years.
We came in with an audio tech, video tech, lighting tech, 3 riggers, 2 stage hands, lead camera op, electrician.  We hired local truck crew, 2 extra camera ops, 3 stage hands.  It took us 5 hours to set the room, we allotted 3 hours for tech rehearsal, 4 hours for talent dress rehearsals.  The show ran the next morning at 9AM for 1 hour and 52 minutes including keynote.
Indianapolis Specifications:
Dimensions.  Stage right to stage left screens: 89'
Audience Coverage: 3500
Video Feed: 3 Live Cameras, 3 source matrix mix (2 data, 1 footage)
Audio Channels: 48
Lighting: 18,000 watts plus moving head specials and RGB bricks for accent & wash
2-9' x 12' rear projection screens, 2-7.5' x 10' rear projection screens, 1-6' x 8' front projected sponsor screen
2 JBL arrays each with 3 wedges and 1 subwoofer