You want to be heard...say it!  You want to be remembered...sing it!



Admagination's Award-winning staff combine two major areas of expertise in order to create exquisite freestyle music tracks.  Nancy Roché is a successful dressage rider and composer and Tom Frazee is a highly-trained arranger, composer and producer. - MORE ABOUT US.  Our team works to compose and blend all the elements to make a seemless freestyle piece that matches you and your horse perfectly!
We bring to your production the following skill sets:
     *Top rated digital studio with the software and hardware
     *Thousands of tracks, samples and loops to create any style of music
     *An editor / producer that holds advance degrees in music composition and arranging
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Be selective when looking for a freestyle producer. Make sure you have heard examples of their work! This profession is like any other, not all are alike. There are  many different levels of musical and technical proficiency within the field.

Here are a couple of examples of a client's freestyle that we created productions for:
Example 1: Nadine Schwartsman: "Five Star" 2017 Northwest Dressage Champion Intermediate Level 1 & USDF 16th place Open intermediate 1 Level Freestyle Year-end with an averaged score of 72%!  MUSIC: Admagination Studios custom scoring and editing of music from "Good Dinosaur"
Click "Read More" to see Nadine's second freestyle ride as well as several recent projects as audio files
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Your success team should have advance knowledge and experience in:

  • Composition / Arranging
  • Technology
  • Dressage
  • Audience Engagement
  • Artist, Styles and Repetiore

Tom and Nancy from Admagination have it all!  Here's a close look at the process as we created the "Lady Gaga Freestyle" for Nadine Schwartsman and "Santina", owned by Liz Smith.

Beat matching, editing and adding the special elements and custom composing to make a completely unique musical freestyle that helped this pair win the USDF 2017 First Level Freestyle Year-end Award with an averaged score of 78%.

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