Everyone loves the infectious rhythms of the islands! Everyone loves the very best and enduring songs by their favorite artists!!! Put the two together and everyone LOVES Roché. The "Island Set" is the perfect band for any venue, any age and any occasion. From a small corner of an intimate restaurant or club, to larger dance clubs, festivals and concerts. 208-286-7664 for bookings and details.
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  1. How do you pronounce the band name? A: Row-shay
  2. What is a "street team"?  A: It's a bunch of friends, usually ardant fans of the group, who harrass you as you are walking down the sidewalk until you give in and take the flyer and promise you will see the band
  3. Tom plays trombone?  What is that?  A: It's a funny looking brass instrument that constantly changes shape as it's played.  Considered the "Horn of Lucifer" in many tribal countries.